King Schools reminizzing

I can not believe it but I am happy they are still around. I practically grew up with John and Marta King from Microsoft Flight SImulator (MFS) 95. These two were my very first “instructors” and I remember those lesssons on MFS so well. Also the default airport near Chicago, Meigs Field. Go over to YouTube and check out their channel. Maybe their love of flying will transfer over to you too!


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A picture is a thousand words.

When ever I watch a movie, documentary or TV show or a music video for that matter I often get caught in how they have edited it, filmed and so on. I find it quite interesting since I have some background in it from high school and various projects after that. I am also a hobby photographer, almost freelance. Dad gave me a camera for my confirmation. I always was asking to borrow his camera before that. He is an avid photographer himself. Yes, so if someone find my pictures interesting, then cool! It has happened to me now and then that people find photos of mine online and sent me a notification. I will need to start working on getting that portfolio online. I often talk with my dad about photography or cameras or similar, but I remember one day he told me when I was very young. We watched one of those standard documentaries about Mother Nature and animals and were making comments about how nice the different picture were. My dad said; “See this movie, remember that these photographers are thinking, for each shot they make, like what you think when you try to take a really good photo. The whole movie is really many photos put together.” And that is a very interesting way of putting it. It is like that for sure, which makes me interested in movies et ceterea. I guess it is easy to forget when you are at the movies or watching a descent TV show…


And they say a picture says more than a thousand words. How many is a movie? I love photos of the legend Robert Capa and similar contemporary photographers. Capa is a huge inspiration and influence for me, especially with black and white photography. And Mary Ellen Matthews and Jay Maisel to name a few. So this hobby of mine and my interest in the frame and filming does this to me. I see a movie, I see pictures moving.  A new picture every second. That is why I may continue to watch a “bad” movie, because I may love how it is filmed. If you count the seconds a single scene or clip lasts before the next cut, the next time you watch a movie, I think you will be amazed. After that you will see the effect it has, how long each frame is. It is fascinating. It sets the tempo in the movie or in a part of a movie, brings attention to the audience up a level. It can be very effective. And it can often become too much, like some of the fight scenes off “The Dark Knight” or “Jason Bourne.” So think that each one of these small clips, is a photo. Because that is what it is, and every clip needs to be of that same high quality for the entire movie. That is a lot of pictures. And it is a lot of words.

I stumbled across Marvin Gaye on YouTube and this video caught me. It is beautiful, black and white. Notice how the editing follows the rhythm of the song. And you can see the people, the destinies and the stories unfolding in every shot. It is  very captivating.

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Gopro in Slow Motion

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Building your own plane

Among the Forbes Global 2000, General Electric(GE) comes in at a third place. GE is involved with over 40 high impact projects involving oil and gas, healthcare, capital and aviation. GE is producing the famous GE-90 engine mounted on the Boeing 777. It is physically the largest engines in aviation history, According to the Guinness Book of Records, at 127,900 lbf (569 kN), it holds the record for the highest thrust (though it is rated at 115,300 lbf (513 kN)). They rock when it comes to producing jet engines

Watching many episodes of 30 Rock made me a GE-man. Besides the famous Ge-90 series they also make a lot of other appliances I fancy, like refrigerators and microwave ovens. Plus this cute game where you can check your own airplane design skills (click the image).

General Electric Design a plane

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A must for your Samsung

I have a best friend. I have had it for quite some time though and now it and I are one. It is my Samsung S3. If you have a similar device from Samsung, like the epic Galaxy Note 2, here is a great tip for connecting to your computer.


1. Download Kies from Samsung. A programme which syncronizes everything on your phone with your computer, EVERYTHING. From photos and contacts to bookmarks from your browser. I also use Kies for text messages where I have put Kies on the Quick Start Menu and it plays a notification sound with a popup when I get a text and enables me to answer it via my computer.

2. Download Kies Air from Google Playstore. Kies Air is a application that enables you to easily manage contents saved on your device via PC internet or mobile browser using Wi-Fi technology. NO CABLES, I love it!


3. Open Kies on your computer.

4. Open Kies Air on your phone and push START.

5. Kies Air on the mobile device will display a URL. Enter the URL in the browser on the PC or laptop

6. Kies Air will display a 4-digit PIN on the mobile device. When prompted, enter the PIN into the browser on the PC or laptop.

7. Enjoy.

This is from my experience the most flawlessly program so far for connecting a smartphone to the computer. It simply works.

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Zig Ziglar (1926-2012)

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On top of the world

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United Arab Emirates

My trip started in Trondheim with showers of snow which had been around for a few days. And still are!

Wideroe`s flight 354 from Trondheim to Copenhagen

Wideroe took me to Copenhagen airport, Kastrup, in short of two hours where I landed around 2:30 p.m. A go-around was made due to a departing aircraft still on the runway which gave us a nice view of the surrounding areas of  Kastrup.


Kastrup airport

My flight to Dubai was not leaving until 09:05 p.m. so I decided after a meal at Prego located in Terminal 3, to spend some time in Copenhagen. I took the train from the airport to Copenhagen. In ten minutes you are downtown and it costs 25 danish kroner or $5 if I remember correctly.

After having spent some time in Copenhagen I went back to the airport where I took in on the Hilton Copenhagen airport hotel for a few hours to get a shower and change my clothes. It is nice to have the opportunity to book a room for a few hours to have some rest and get freshed up.


Scandinavian Airlines`s SK961 waiting at gate 11 at Kastrup

The flight from Copenhagen to Dubai took 5 hours and 42 minutes because we had some tailwind helping us. Scheduled time was 6 hours and 25 minutes. Even with the tailwind the flight was as smooth as ever and I was able to get a few hours sleep before breakfast was served.

I arrived Dubai airport at 06.10 a.m. local time. Next step was to take a taxi from Dubai airport to Abu Dhabi. The drive is around 1 hours and 30 minutes depending on traffic. And traffic was medium in my opinion. You can expect to pay around 250 dirhams which is around $70. That is relatively cheap considering the distance (160 km).  I grabbed one just outside the terminal.

I recommend taxi but if you choose to rent a car you must expect the traffic to be a bit intimidating at first. Very aggressive driving and we almost collided with a car on the highway doing 120 km/h plus. It looked like the car to our right in front of us suddenly lost control and span round. My driver stepped on the brakes and avoided it narrowly. My first encounter with the UAE traffic and I am glad I was in a taxi with an experienced driver.

With six lanes in each direction there are plenty of drivers with a heavy foot. Stay away from the left lane while the rightmost are used by lorries, trucks and buses. With the accident rates increasing lately the number of radars along the Dubai/Abu Dhabi-highway are increasing. While the speed limit is 120 km/h, you can do 140 km/h before the radar catches you. The speedometer in the cars will also give the driver an alert if the car goes faster than 120 km/h.  Be careful though, those areas without radar seemed to have unlimited speeds – for some. And they have tendency to not use the  turn signal.

Remember that no taxi accepts any cards – only cash. If you forget it, no problem, they will make a stop at any gas station or similar for you to make a cash withdrawal.


Burj Khalifa, tallest man-made structure ever built

My return from Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport was with a car service, a bit more exclusive than the normal taxi. The driver was very friendly and we developed a small friendship on the way. He was kind enough to give me the scenic route in Dubai showing me the most famous buildings and sights. The price was fixed in advance and cost 400 dirhams / $108 but was well worth it. Nice car and friendly driver!

Downtown Dubai

If you want a an efficient way to explore Dubai, the Dubai Metro is highly recommended.  It was inaugurated in 2009 and is the world’s longest automated driverless train system and the first Metro in the Gulf region.

My return went from Dubai with a stop in Bahrain and then London Heathrow. The flight was operated by Gulf Air and departed 11:25 p.m.  The check-in opens three hours before the flight. Inside the airport there are as you would expect lots of various outlets and taxfree shops.

At Dubai airport I took the opportunity to use the shower and bath with the G-Force Health Club located after check-in at the second floor in conjunction with the Dubai International Hotel. If you have a few hours it is well worth the money. I spent 45 dirhams / $12 to use the bath and shower. You could also do a work-out at their gym.

Dubai International airport 

Dubai International airport

The transfer in Bahrain was only just over an hour, so all I could do was stand in line for another security check and then a check-in line for a new boarding pass. Then we were good to go again. While the flight over from Dubai to Bahrain was 1 hour, the flight up to London was just over 7 hours. It was a smooth ride once again. I arrived at Terminal 4 at 6:30 a.m. and had to take the Heathrow Express train from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3 where my flight to Oslo went from at 10:20 a.m.

Heathrow Express between the different Terminals


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Another swing at it: Money

Recently a question surfaced which has pondered our minds a lot lately. It asks how can nations, and rumours has it that Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi ( a Chief commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran) in a speech referred to these nations as a “true axis of evil”, consisting of the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel benefit from going in to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. If these axis of evil want something why bother go through all the trouble with creating a 911 so they can get an excuse to go in to a war that might last for years?

Total global military expenditure in 2009 is estimated to have been $1531 billion. This represents an increase of 6 per cent in real terms compared to 2008, and of 49 per cent since 2000. Military expenditure comprised approximately 2.7 per cent of global gross domestic product (GDP) in 2009. All regions and subregions saw an increase in 2009, except the Middle East.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), 2010 Yearbook [¹]

SIPRI reports that the worldwide military spendings increased with 49 % since 2000. It comes as no surprise that the United States has the largest military budget in the world which in 2009 reached a staggering $670 billion, nearly ten times as much as the second largest; China. These figures shows us that the United States spends each year half of what the entire world spends on its military.

The US spends around $ 43 billion each year on Afghanistan alone according to the Congressional Research Service. It is not unlikely that Iraq-numbers are in that ballpark.

During the eight-year presidency of George W Bush, US military expenditure increased to the highest level in real terms since World War Two.

In total, the 100 leading defence manufacturers sold arms worth $347bn during 2007, the most recent year for which reliable data are available. Almost all the companies were American or European. Some 61% of the total was accounted for by 44 US companies, with 32 West European companies accounting for a further 31%.

Military spending set new record, BBC News [²]

What is equally interesting now is who makes money on nations spending money on military weapons and commodities. As you can read in the Yearbook from SIPRI and what has been commented in the article from BBC News, 92 [ ninety-two ] out of the 100 leading defense manufacturers are American or European. The money which the United States and United Kingdom are spending are really put back into the US and UK while keeping 3,2 million ( in active duty and on reserve) men and women employed at the same time [ ³ ].

“Defense” manufacturers

It would be very interesting to see a total of the expenditures of the governments and the income from the defense manufacturers. Lockheed Martin who is one of the top three leading defense companies published in a press release (Jan. 27, 2011 – link)  on their website a total sale in 2010 of $ 45,8 billion.

Lockheed Martin headquarters are in Washington DC, US. They describe themselves in the press releases as a global security company and their motto is “We never forget who we`re working for”. Would it not be more suitable to replace the “who” with “what”? Considering they are a defense and security company manufacturing tools used to fight for freedom and defend innocent people?

So what are the United States and the United Kingdom doing in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. Afghanistan and Iraq was being targeted because of the events on September 9, 2001. A post previously published here has briefly touched the many subjects that more than suggests that the whole 9/11 was an event that more than likely was being orchestrated by powerful entities within the United States. Bin Laden was already mentioned on the day of the alleged terrorist attacks!

War in Afghanistan

Afghanistan was being invaded because it was where the US government believed the mastermind behind 9/11 and Al-Qaida head Bin Laden was suspected to be hiding. After years of military presence with the help from NATO forces they have yet to locate Bin Laden. But what have they discovered instead? Huge rich mineral deposits have been discovered recently in Afghanistan.

The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.

U.S. identifies vast mineral riches in Afghanistan,, June 2010


The estimated total worth of these discoveries are around $ 1 trillion and the lithium is also a key component in producing electronic articles. So they accidentally stumbled upon one of the world`s greatest mineral resources after invading their country based on what many now believe is a massive lie?

War in Iraq

Why were the United States targeting Iraq then? In the aftermath of 9/11 former President George W. Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 even though Iraq had been mentioned as being behind plotting of terror against the United States several times, as well as described as part of the “axis of evil”.

The official reason became to invade Iraq because they were supposedly in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). But wait, a few months before 9/11 the United States told us that Iraq poised no threat at all! And the then Secretary of State Colin Powell told on TV that he was intentionally mislead by forces within the intelligence community before the famous speech in the UN on Iraq and WMD.

Bloomberg reported in October last year that Iraq has a national crude oil reserve of 143 billion barrels which is the world`s largest oil reserve and five times as large to that of the United States. One close neighbour to Iraq is also very heavy on oil, the Saudi Arabia who is a close friend with the United States.

What they did not succeed with in Afghanistan however was to find and extract the main person, in this case Saddam Hussein. He was hiding near a small anonymous village, in a hole in the ground! And they can`t find Bin Laden yet? There are people who suggests Bin Laden is co-working with agencies from the United States and some say he is not real even (link Cnn). It is however things here that could suggest that sources in the United States had a goal to get control of these massive resources as well as trying yo re-establish US military powers.

Given the vast mineral rich deposits in Afghanistan and the oil reserve in Iraq estimated at unbelievable sums of money it is very clear what forces in the United States must have thought must be done.

Then someone might ask the inevitable question, why would someone sacrifice, or murder is perhaps the right word for it, good men and women just so they could start a war they wanted? You only have to look at how may men and women who has already been killed in different wars fought by the United States already. Those are people who are sacrified to protect dark entities`s interests within the United States.

And to give this an extra dimension, here is a short clip from the live broadcast from Fox News Studio 18 hours after the attacks. This was live at the following night into September 12th. Notice that already officials are 99 % sure Osama Bin Laden was behind theses terrorist attacks and that the terrorists which piloted those planes had taken flying hours here and there. And watch that screen graphic: TERRORISM hits America.


1. Military Expenditures – SIPRI Yearbook 2010, Chapter 5, Summary

2. Military spending sets new record – BBC News Online, June 2009

3. Total soldiers USA Armed Forces / Total soldiers in  British Armed Forces

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